15th September 2003

A documentary film about a child in the Netherlands whose father is imprisoned in Venezuela , “En Terecht! Mijn vader woont in Venezuela” (And Rightly So! My father lives in Venezuela ), premiered in the Netherlands on September 13 and was aired on Dutch television on October 26. Directed by Rene Roelofs and produced by Lemming Film / Leontine Petit & Joost de Vries, the documentary was featured in both the Cinekid 2003 and IDFA 2003 festivals in Amsterdam . It is part of a nine-part series inspired by the UN Rights of the Child, and places great emphasis on the child’s perspective. In the words of 13-year-old Roxana: “I didn’t know for how long, but I knew he was in prison. At school I told he was there for business because I was afraid to get a bad reputation. I was afraid they would call me a little criminal.” She describes how she kept contact with him and how she missed him very much. She also visits a prison complex in Amsterdam to see what a Dutch prison looks like inside.

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Author: rmchristen