21st July 2004

The Göteborg-based association Solrosen (Sunflower) has become a member of EUROCHIPS. Solrosen is an independent association launched in 2000 to offer support for children and adolescents of parents who are participating in programs of the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, as well as for their relatives. Through its counseling groups, which draw on drama exercises, storytelling, drawing and play and provide continuity and structure, Solrosen aims to boost the child’s self-confidence, ease the sense of responsibility for the parent’s actions, alleviate feelings of guilt and shame, and help reconcile the often-contradictory emotions toward the parent. Relatives who care for the child are offered the opportunity to join support groups to discuss the same issues as the counselling groups for children and adolescents. Parenting and related matters are also addressed, while incarcerated parents are supported through parent education programs as well as individual and group counseling. In addition, Solrosen provides public information and works to generate awareness and opinion in favour of children and adolescents with incarcerated parents.

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Author: rmchristen