4th April 2005

A seminar entitled “Prévention et l’intervention face à la criminalité” (Crime Prevention and Intervention) is being held 20-22 April, 2005, in Orford , Quebec . Organized by the SABD (Services d’Aide Bruno Dandenault), CIVAS (Centre d’Intervention en Violence et Abus Sexuels de l’Estrie) and Regroupement des Intervenants en Matière d’Agression Sexuelle, the seminar’s theme is “All for One and One for All.” Quebec ‘s social infrastructure, according to the seminar’s steering committee, is undergoing radical changes and the government has launched a series of sweeping modernization initiatives. Organizations are expected to intensify their exchanges and collaboration with respect to crime prevention and intervention. A series of workshops will explore the different approaches used in dealing with such themes as:

  • preventing difficulties for children coping with an imprisoned father
  • drug addiction and its impact on families
  • young people and the Internet
  • mental health issues for women
  • treating people who commit incest and sexual abuse
  • gangs

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Author: rmchristen