15th June 2005

A new study entitled “Effect van kinderbezoek aan gedetineerde Vaders” (The Impact of Children’s Visits on Imprisoned Fathers) by Anke Bolwijn and Piet Bolwijn has just been published in the Netherlands . Based on a child-parent project carried out in the Dutch prison of Roermond, the study involves ten fathers and sixteen children age 3 to 13 and explores the impact of children’s visits on imprisoned fathers.

The visits scheme at Roermond offers fathers the opportunity to have physical contact with their children (children can climb onto their father’s laps and they can embrace) and give them their full attention. In turn, the study finds that the prison atmosphere is quieter and more humane as a result of the visits.

For further information: Anke Bolwijn and Piet Bolwijn, “Effect van kinderbezoek aan gedetineerde vaders”, Proces 2004/5, pp. 196-201.

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Author: rmchristen