12th October 2005

Foreningen for Fangers Pårørende (FFP), a Norwegian organization working on behalf of relatives and friends of offenders, has launched a project aimed at supporting teenagers aged 13 to 20 with friends or relatives in prison.

Carried out in collaboration with the Norwegian Red Cross, the project seeks to boost young people’s confidence by providing a meeting point for them to share their experiences, thoughts and questions; to receive support in dealing with the imprisonment of a family member or friend; and to participate in various activities such as paintball trips, video-game evenings, etc. (The teenagers will determine and plan the type of activity they wish to engage in.)

The project, staffed by social workers experienced in working with teenagers and by trained volunteers, is backed by by the Norwegian Ministry of Children and Family Affairs. A Eurochips member, FFP is based in Oslo but has a national scope.

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Author: rmchristen