15th October 2005

An internal conference in Vilnius entitled Women and the Penal System in Europe : Review, Analysis of Requirements, and Overview of “Best Practice” (October 13-16, 2005) was held October 13-16, 2005, marking the culmination of an international research project sponsored by the European Commission (AGIS program) on women and the penal system in Europe Organized by the Legal Institute of the Lithuanian Justice Ministry and the University of Greifswald, the project reviews the living conditions of imprisoned women in Denmark, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Croatia, Poland, Russia, Slovenia and Spain, with the aim of improving their situation in the long term.

It also explores the work conditions of prison staff and the development of a training curriculum for prison staff working in establishments for women offenders. The second day of the conference involved group discussion of the proposed training curriculum by professionals working within the field.



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Author: rmchristen