16th December 2006

Beginning 1 January 2007, the Rotterdam-based foundation Slechts op Bezoek (“Just Visiting”) will be shifting its main focus onto children with imprisoned parents. Since its establishment in 1996, Slechts op Bezoek has been offering support to families, friends and other close to offenders.

Children have remained largely outside the scope of the foundation’s initiatives, the focus being largely on providing advice to the non-imprisoned parent. The new project, known as Koers (“Direction”), has two main objectives: to raise awareness of the specific issues confronted by this forgotten group of children; and to set up projects offering genuine assistance. Priority goals include establishing a website for children with family members in prison and opening a support center for children of imprisoned parents. The idea is to provide a place where children can visit and meet children in similar situations, as well as receive information and assistance.

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Author: rmchristen