2nd May 2011

Join the campaign! Our goal is to achieve recognition in the European Parliament of the challenges that children of prisoners face every day.

We are asking for two principle reforms: better prison visiting hours and conditions for children and the creation of monitoring groups what will maintain visiting conditions and obtain more information on this group of children. These reforms are simple, but they can go a long way for the 800,000 children who have at least one parent in prison

Thanks to the hard work of Ryan Christen, our volunteer media director, we have

  • a beautiful blog which serves as the main campaign page
  • a twitter page 
  • an E-petition 


  • Inform and encourage your own network to sign the petition
  • Download one of our campaign buttons (e-banners) for your website
  • Visit our blog and leave a message, tweet with the virtual community
  • Use the awareness raising effect of the campaign and inform your press contacts
  • Join some of the Eurochips members and also organise a local event


To accommodate the schedules of our member organizations, our time frame spans a bit more than an actual week, from May 25th until June 12th. So keep that in mind as you plan your activities. If your organization is hosting or participating in an event, please let us know, and we will update our campaign calendar and promote it via all of our social media channels. The petition will be running until end of month June.

Here some events that are already in the planning

May 25 Brussel: Kick off with public event with art exhibition and where a series of recommendations will be presented to to MEPs as part of a transnational EU-funded study on children of imprisoned parents, piloted by the Danish Institute of Human Rights

May 31 Luxembourg: Treff-Punkt has organized a 2-hour prison visit with creative workshops and refreshments for the children of inmates.

June 11-12 Italy: Bambinisenzasbarre has obtained open prisons all over Italy thanks to the hard work of Lia and Maria Rosa!

I am looking forward to hearing from all of you as we enter this campaign season. It is such a wonderful thing to see good people doing good work. Thank you for everything that you do.


Sara Rahman
Campaign coordinator

Sara Rahman

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Author: rmchristen