8th October 2011

The COPING project has many objectives, one of which being the production of several publications based on the research findings. At this stage in the project, the Communication and Publication Strategy is being put into action and the first publications emerging from the COPING project are being released.

The Project has been promoted via media outlets (also with the help of a number of high profile patrons-including Sir Patrick Stewart) and by Project partners at international and pan-European fora. These include the United Nations, European Parliament and European Commission venues, the annual meeting of Children’s Ombudspersons from 25 European countries, the World Conference of Psychiatry in Marrakech, Morocco, and at relevant national conferences in Paris, Berlin, and Cambridge. Furthermore, the project has been presented at international conferences and the both QUNO and Eurochips successfully lobbied for a Day of General Discussion on Children with Imprisoned Parents. Additionally, QUNO achieved agreement by the UN Human Rights Council’s that the full-day discussion on the rights of the child in March 2012 will be on ‘children and the administration of justice’, which will include a session revolving around children with imprisoned parents.

In addition, the COPING project featured in the October issue of Inside Time, the British national newspaper for prisoners. The article, entitled The Forgotten Victims of Crime, aided in raising awareness about children with imprisoned parents, their struggles, their coping mechanisms, and the research being conducted by the COPING team.

COPING has become well established through various media outlets, upcoming publications, conferences, seminars, and events. Management procedures have been designed and implemented to assist all the partners achieving the project’s objectives.

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Author: rmchristen