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European Union – 10th October 2011

Since the launch of the COPING project, one of the research teams has been patiently mapping the available services for children with imprisoned parents throughout Europe. Great progress has been made on this front, and the team is excited to be constructing a database of services available in the various nations.

The combined efforts of the Quaker United Nations Office and EUROCHIPS have resulted in a development of protocols for conducting the mapping of interventions in non-core countries in Europe. These focus exclusively on specialised interventions and centre on good or innovative practice. This provides a background for the general European (and wider) context for interventions directed towards children with imprisoned parents.

Progress has been made in regards to the mapping of available services and information has been gathered from Belgium, Finland, France, Greece, Holland, Spain, Norway, Ireland, Denmark, and Switzerland. This is the first time that mapping of services for children with imprisoned parents of this scope is being carried out in Europe.

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Author: rmchristen