19th June 2012

New technological advancements in the Netherlands have resulted in the creation of a new website targeting prisoners’ children.

Young people aged 12-24 are invited to participate by logging in anonymously to chat with one another or the professional coach provided by the site staff. In addition, a social psychiatric nurse is blogging information from prison to provide information.

The site can be found here.
On May 1, a series about children of imprisoned parents was broadcast on Dutch television. Made by Claudia Schoemacher in cooperation with Exodus and the Ministry of Justice, the series “Je ouders in de lik” (Your parents are in jail) is geared towards teenagers and young adults. Schoemacher was interviewed on Dutch television to share her story: her father has been imprisoned because of a violent act, which motivated her to get involved to help children who also face the same difficulties that she did while growing up.

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Author: rmchristen