19th June 2012

From May 11 to 13, Carrefour Prison hosted Eurochips’ Annual Network Meeting (ANM), a three-day event held in Geneva.

Day One involved a conference organized by Carrefour Prison entitled “Parenthood and Detention: Issues Revolving around Secrets and Lies.” This day of reflection provided a good opportunity to discuss such issues as a child’s entitlement to the truth about a parent’s incarceration, how and when to tell the child, the repercussions that secrecy imposed on a child can have, and the possible consequences of lying to the child.

Guest speakers including Eurochips president Alain Bouregba, board member Kate Philbrick and Swedish network member Bryggan shed new light on the issues; powerful testimony was heard from a father who spent several years in prison, who discussed his decision to tell his daughter the truth about his incarceration and the relationship that developed as a result. The daughter went on to study criminology, wanting to inscribe her own experience into a theoretical framework and learn more about the subject itself.

The General Assembly on Day Two (May 12) was a formal gathering of most Eurochips members to discuss various network issues. Day Three (May 13) consisted of a prison visit to Champ-Dollon Prison in Geneva, where participants met with the prison governor and staff. The day also included a visit to Carrefour Prison’s family visits centre, the “Chalet.” Please see first news brief on Carrefour Prison’s activities for additional details.

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Author: rmchristen