19th June 2012

The German association Treffpunkt e.V. has produced a short film (subtitled in English) dealing with children of prisoners: the movie relates the story of two girls who have a parent in prison.

Based on the true story of the children interviewed by Treffpunkt e.V. as part of the EU-funded COPING study on the mental health of children with imprisoned parents, the film explores a variety of topics including secrecy, memories, life changes, etc. The purpose of the film is to let children’s voices be heard so that their difficulties are taken into account from a child’s perspective. The film premiere took place in Dresden, on May 23rd as part of a COPING conference and will be used in future for conferences, public events and further educational training sessions.

Treffpunkt e.V. gave a lecture at the Federal Conference of evangelical prison chaplains, in Bad Alexandersbad (Bavaria) on May 7-11th. Treffpunkt e.V. presented the situation of prisoners’ children, organized a workshop for participants, and presented their first results of COPING.

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Author: rmchristen