On 10 January 2017, MEP Julie Ward and the Brussels-based Alliance for Children European Network Group are planning a two-hour Quality of Childhood (QoC) session at the European Parliament devoted to the issue of children with imprisoned parents. COPE has been invited to co-organise the session. The QoC session will provide a good opportunity to generate discussion, explore further avenues for advocacy, and expand the topic of prisoners’ children across a broad cross-sectoral range of stakeholders present. The current Alliance for Childhood is composed of 29 members in 16 countries, a diverse mix of health and education initiatives; child welfare organisations; parenting and family relationships organisations (e.g., European Parents’ Association, Familylab International); early childhood organisations (e.g., European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants, Le Furet in France); education organisations (e.g., Experiential Education Project, Universal Education Foundation); networks (e.g., European Network for Child-Friendly Cities, promoting the rights of children and young people at the local political level); and researchers and psychologists working on quality of childhood. This is a great opportunity to expand COPE’s work into new sectors, while defining ways forward. The QoC session is open to the public. Please contact us for more details.

Author: Hannah Lynn