We have launched a new schools-based fundraising initiative to benefit children separated from a parent in prison, raising money through a GlobalGiving crowdfunder. Can you help us reach our target of $7500? We could really use your support. 

Across Europe, some 2.1 million children have a parent in prison. They suffer emotional, social and economic difficulties and need targeted support. Regular contact with a parent in prison promotes resilience in children. Our teams accompany children on prison visits; provide advice and psychological support; train prison staff; listen to young people. We raise awareness in communities and schools and support the rights and needs of these hard-to-reach children.

Children with a parent in prison can see this separation as abandonment and feel ashamed. School performance can slip. Without support, they are vulnerable to these and other difficulties—exclusion, bullying, financial hardship. Our dedicated teams work tirelessly to support these hard-to-reach children, and not leave them to follow in their parent’s footsteps. We are now reaching out to schools to ensure kids receive support, to prevent them from falling between the cracks, feeling abandoned.

Often, the first people outside the family to learn about the child’s situation are teachers. Our goal is to provide school staff with vital resources and tools to support children affected by parental imprisonment. With your help, we will provide multi-lingual child-support packs, lesson modules and informative visuals to reach these children, so often overlooked. This will allow school staff to lend a helping hand, reduce discrimination and increase children’s school performance.


With targeted support, prisoners’ children show greater resilience; are less likely to go to jail themselves; and have a healthier relationship with both parents. Through our work in schools, we can reach the 2.1 million children impacted across Europe and foster preventive nurturing with long-term effects, helping them live healthy, positive lives and reach their full potential. Raising awareness is the first step in changing attitudes; changing attitudes is the first step in changing lives.

Thank you for your support,

Children of Prisoners Europe

Author: Hannah Lynn