Second Framing Analysis Workshop to take place in Naples

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After the positive feedback from the frame-reflective analysis workshop on 21 May 2016 in Zagreb, a second workshop will take place 20 May 2017 in Naples, following the COPE international conference and network meeting.

The workshop in Zagreb was an “Introduction to Framing as a tool in Policy Analysis”. The focus during this workshop was to allow for an exploration of how the complex and challenging issue of prisoners’ children might best be communicated, with a particular focus on the ways COPE member and affiliate organisations identify, represent and give legitimacy to the issue of prisoners’ children. The workshop took into account the varying approaches of members and considered how contending frames might be ‘re-framed’ or modified for maximum lobbying impact.

The workshop encompassed an introduction to the concept of framing as a tool in policy analysis, as well as an overview of the three interlinked policy frames relevant to COPE’s work: a “victim” frame; an “instrumental” frame; and a “holistic” frame. These three frames formed the basis for small group discussions. Through the group discussions, participants identified and analysed the particularities of each frame, including who the frame would appeal to; the common messages of each frame, and the positive and negative effects of each policy frame in terms of desirable outcomes for children.

The workshop in Naples will consider how members and affiliates have incorporated the framing tools they learned about in their work over the past year. It will provide an opportunity to expand on the ideas and themes covered and allow for more in-depth discussion.

Author: Hannah Lynn