Mona Kassarp is a criminologist from Sweden.

While Mona was studying Criminology, she started focusing on early risk factors among juvenile offenders. Wishing to deepen her knowledge, she applied for a job within the Swedish Prison and Probation Service. During this time, Mona worked at a remand prison for more than 10 years, where implementing a child perspective became the most important issue for her.

In 2005, Mona visited Uganda where she met many children at a Juvenile Detention Centre. Many of the children had parents in prison. They were the “invisible and forgotten victims of the justice system”. For some years Mona was the Swedish contact and adviser for a local NGO, Wells of Hope Ministries. Together they built a school for children of prisoners, and in 2011 Mona represented these children at the UN General Day of Discussion on children of imprisoned parents in Geneva.
Mona is also collaborating with the FIRC (Former Inmates Rehabilitation Center) in Ethiopia, which recently started a project for girls (9 years +) in prison in Addis Ababa.
Mona is the founder of Children of Prisoners in Stockholm ( and is also a Board member of the NGO Bryggan Stockholm, member of Children of Prisoners Europe.


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