Children who have one or both parents in prison face an additional set of challenges. In addition to dealing with the separation and irregular prison visits, they may also live in unstable and chaotic environments and be subject to social stigmas as a result of their parent’s incarceration.

From: Jan C.M. Willems (ed.), Developmental and Autonomy Rights of Children: Empowering Children, Caregivers and Communities, Intersentia: Antwerp/Oxford/New York, 2002, pp. 191-207 (90-5095-224-0;

Dr. Maria W. (Ria) Wolleswinkel is Associate Professor of Women and Law at Maastricht University. She is a member of the university’s Department on Criminal Law and Criminology and Research School on Human Rights. Prior to studying law at Maastricht University, she worked as a social worker in a psychiatric hospital for six years.

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