Applicant membership is open to European-based public, governmental, private and non-profit organisations from Europe working with or for children of prisoners and/or specialising in prison-related, legal and justice-related or psychological, social and child-welfare fields:

  • All organisations will need to demonstrate a commitment to keeping all the children affected by imprisonment in Europe at the heart of decision-making
  • All members must demonstrate an awareness to respect and seek to understand the cultural, policy, practice, policitical, etc. differences between network countries and to sign up to the network ways of working.

They must:

  • Be legally constituted and be able to provide copies of annual reports for the two previous years;
  • Have an organisational bank account controlled by two or more unrelated people;
  • Provide a supporting reference to endorse their application from an official body within their country or an organisational/individual known at a national or European level

The process for joining as an Applicant Member is stringent as the network wishes to develop a membership with proven track records of effective and collaborative professionals working in their countries and whose work is in line with the network principles and aims; those whose Applicant status may last longer may be organisations intending to move into the field of work with children with imprisoned parents who use the period of Applicant Membership to develop this focus.

The Board considers offering Applicant status within 6 months of receiving the application and will inform those applying whether they have been admitted as Applicant Members.  Applicant status may last for between 1 and 3 years, during which organisations must be seen to contribute to the work of the network (attend General Assemblies, respond to COPE requests, contribute to newsletters, etc.) and conform to the COPE ways of working.  Membership for Applicants will be considered annually by the Board and recommendations put to the vote for membership at the General Assembly when appropriate.

If a recommendation has not been made after 3 years, the organisation’s status is reviewed; without a recommendation from the Board for renewal of Applicant status, it lapses automatically and they can become an Affiliate Member.

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