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Bambinizenzasbarre is a non-governmental organisation based in Milan, Italy.

Mission Statement:

Bambinisenzasbarre is a non-profit association working for the care of the parents-children relationship with a specific attention to the unexpected and potentially thraumatic separation from the detained parent, in a view of social prevention.

Bambinisenzasbarre has achieved and promotes a welcoming model for children entering inside prison: over 100.000 every year in Italy, more than one million in Europe.

The association runs a Permanent Observatory of children-prison reality, realizing researches and training courses, adopting the guidelines of l’Ecole Relais Enfants Parents, Paris.

Pedagogists, psychologists, therapists, analysts form different backgrounds and  social operators of Bambinisenzasbarre work with Universities, with the Human Rights Institute of Copenhagen, with the  Italian Commission of Human Rights, with the Italian Ombusdman  for children,  with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, coordinated by Save the Children, with the Italian Parliament.

Bambinisenzasbarre is a partner of the Ministry of Justice, the Prison Administration Department and the Regional Superintendencies for the activities in Italian prisons.

Activities include:

  • Lobbying
  • Advocacy
  • Creating special child-friendly areas in prison visiting centers (Yellow Spaces)
  • Sensitization campaign
  • Training to prison’s operators
  • Psyco-pedagogist agency
  • Promoting a national network



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