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The Working Group on Children of Incarcerated Parents was created by Child Rights Connect in order to support the efforts of the Committee on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) during the preparation for the 2011 Day of General Discussion on children of incarcerated parents. After its success while working with the UNCRC, it has gone on to raise awareness on the subject of children with imprisoned parents at the Human Rights Council, as well as other UN treaty bodies.


They have launched a seminal database that categorizes and makes searchable Concluding Observations made by the UNCRC which mention children affected by parental incarceration. This allows people to view all observations made by the UNCRC in regards to different countries, and is searchable by State, year, CRC session, UN document or keywords. It allows researchers, policy makers, and those who are interested to see what countries are doing, or need to improve on in regards to children with incarcerated parents.


Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO), a member of the Children of Prisoners Europe network, created this database which includes specific mentions going back to 2005. The launch coincides with the fifth anniversary of the landmark UN Day of General Discussion for Children of Prisoners, organised in Geneva in 2011, and advances efforts to enhance information about this group of children and to inventory UN monitoring of their situation.

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