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Children of Imprisoned Parents: European Perspectives on Good Practice (Europe)

Categories: Research and publications,

Location: Europe

First published in 2006, this new edition of Children of Imprisoned Parents: European Perspectives on Good Practice reflects welcome change in awareness, knowledge and practice with respect to what is being done, and what can be done, to support the needs and rights of children with imprisoned parents.

The publication, featuring a range of initiatives, expertise and good practice, is designed for professionals, volunteers and decision-makers whose work impacts children with imprisoned parents, either directly (e.g., prison officers) or indirectly (e.g., judges and sentencers). Seeking to promote, expand and inspire good practice and policy change for this group of children, each chapter showcases different national approaches and perspectives on current work being carried out across Europe, exploring issues that transcend borders and national judicial and penal policies, rather than providing an exhaustive nation-by-nation approach. As a whole, the publication offers a child-centred guide for ideas and initiatives to bolster the resilience of children whose parents are in prison, protect their emotional, psychological and social development and foster and reinforce family ties.

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