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FFP Behind the Wall Exhibition

Categories: Discussion groups, Initiatives, Initiatives inside prison, Initiatives outside prison,

Location: Norway

image00-2For Fangers Pårørende (FFP) put on an exhibition called Behind the Wall. This was a photography project for children with parents in prison in Norway. A group of young people with parents in prison were allowed to take pictures in Ullersmo, a high-security prison outside of Oslo. The children were given photography lessons and a camera and allowed into the prison in order to photograph them. This was a way for children to develop a better understanding of prison as well as express what the prison meant to them. After the photos were taken, an exhibition was held to showcase the children’s work.

For more information contact:

For Fangers Pårørende (FFP)

P.B. 6710,

St. Olavsplass, 0130

Oslo, Norway

Tel: 22 11 41 30