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FFP Minority Social Workers

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Location: Norway

image00-3For Fangers Pårørende (FFP) has for a long time wanted to do more to meet the needs of families of foreign nationals and minority ethnic prisoners. In 2014, FFP received funding for their Minority Ethnic Project, and employed a Minority Counselor. The goal of the project is to reach out to the families of minority ethnic prisoners with information that is adapted to their need and to include them in our general offers for families of prisoners, including counseling and various activities for adults, young people and children. They use interpreters when needed and they have translated a leaflet into eight languages, English, French, Urdu, Lithuanian, Arabic, Somali, Polish and Romanian. And they also update their website with information in different languages and have met with inmates in several prisons to inform them about the project. Another aim is to learn more about the specific needs of families of ethnic minorities in prisons and advocate for prisons to meet their needs and facilitate contact between inmates and their families, despite language barriers.


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For Fangers Pårørende (FFP)

P.B. 6710,

St. Olavsplass, 0130

Oslo, Norway


Tel: 22 11 41 30