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Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency Findings

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Location: Northern IrelandUnited Kingdom

NISRA (Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency) published research on 28 May 2015 that showed the former NIACRO project Jobtrack, a program that supported resettlement, reduced reoffending by up to 24%. The project ran for more than two decades and worked to increase the employability of those who had offended. It’s aim was to reduce the risk of reoffending, based on evidence that links unemployment to offending behavior. However, funding was not renewed in March 2015.

The Northern Ireland Data Lab (NIDL) conducted the reoffending analysis to obtain a sample of people who completed Jobtrack during 2010/2011. The study shoed that, when compared to those who did not participate in Jobtrack, the program reduced the one year offending rate of an individual by <1 to 24%.  The one year reoffending rate for those who finished the project was 20%  compared to a sample of similar offenders at 32% a statistically significant difference.

NIACRO views the NIDL , a pilot project, as an “exciting opportunity to identify both effective interventions and efficient partnerships” (NIACRO).


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