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Categories: Initiatives, Online initiatives,

Location: Sweden

image00-8KRITS and Bufff (then Bryggan) started an online pilot project for young people who have a family member in prison. This project in Sweden provides an online platform for young people to discuss the issues that arise when they are affected by the imprisonment of a loved one. The platform is anonymous and allows young people to discuss what they are experiencing in a forum. The discussions are also only visible to those in the group. It is moderated by two trained adults to maintain and ensure safety. Young people also have the opportunity to request to chat with a trained adult who can provide guidance and advice.

Fimage01or more information:


kriminaalihuollon tukisäätiö sr

Kinaporinkatu 2 E 39

00500 Helsinki

Tel: 09 7743 610




Bufff Sweden

118 66 Stockholm

Tel: 020-200 30



The positive impact of online initiatives allowing increased contact between imprisoned parents and their children in no way decreases the importance of maintaining or creating a connection and bond in person. These initiatives should be viewed as a way to supplement in-person visits, not to take their place.