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Our Voice Charter

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After holding a series of workshops in inner London with children and young people between the ages of 13-17, and asking them what they wanted from adults in positions of power, the charter Our Voice was created. The adults in positions of power included: their parents, the police, teachers, magistrates and judges, prison staff and from charities such as PACT.

The charter is one for children and young people with a family member in prison. The main points of the charter include:

For homes to be respected

To be informed

To be heard

To have a choice

Not to be judged

To be offered emotional support

and to be respected.

For more information:

Our Voice: Children & Young People’s Charter | Pact

Pact teamed up with a group of children and young people, who have had a family member in prison, to ask them what changes they’d like to see in the Criminal Justice System and how we can make their voices heard.


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