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Services for Women

Categories: Initiatives, Initiatives inside prison,

Location: Sweden

image00-6Solrosen has for the last three years ran a project at a female prison in the Gothenburg region in cooperation with the correctional services.  They have been on site at the prison almost full-time and are a part of the daily work at the prison. They work to ensure the best interest of the children that will be at the prison, whether they are living with their mothers at the prison or come for visits. Their services include creating a child-friendly environment, supporting motherhood, looking out for special needs of the children and mothers during their time at the prison, creating routines for children in the prison and having the best conditions possible to ensure the child gets the most out of the visits, or their time in the prison. The activity in the prison has led to a report to the correctional services in Sweden with recommendations arising from their experiences.

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Nordhemsgatan 12

413 27 Gothenburg