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Spazio Giallo

Categories: Initiatives, Initiatives inside prison, Programmes for children entering prisons,

Location: Italy


Yellow Spaces (Spazio Giallo) were implemented by Bambinisenzasbarre in prisons in Italy beginning in 2007. These are integrated socio-educational spaces inside prisons for children preparing themselves to visit with their parent who is imprisoned. The initiative gained recognition in Rome and in 2009 was given a Mention of Merit “Premio Amico della Famiglia” by the Italian Prime Minister.

For children, it is possible to create a space where they have everything they need to process their time in the prison in a way that is positive and understandable. In this space, they have an opportunity to freely talk about their needs and about themselves in relation to the experience which can be different and in some cases traumatic.

For families, the Spazio Giallo provides an area in which a parent or relative can seek information and advice to help the children and any others who are affected by the imprisonment of a parent or family member.

For prison workers, this space is a place to gain sensitivity and training for these situations in order to have the best outcome and impact for the children.

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