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TAKT Programme Launched

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Location: Germany

The programme TAKT was launched in the Nuremberg area. It’s main focus is on
sensitivity training for prison staff (prison officers and social workers), school environments
(teachers and social workers), and teaching modules about children of prisoners for classroom
discussion. The programme comes out of a group of interviews from a COPING study in which
participants expressed the basic need to reduce the negative impact of parental imprisonment
on children. One of the main points was the desire for an appropriate way to deal with the
issues children face and avoiding social exclusion. The implementation includes a focus on the
concept of practical, tailored methods for the respective professional groups to deal with
sensitivity training.
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Treffpunkt e.V.
Fürther Str. 212
90429 Nürnberg
Tel: 09 11-27 47 69-0