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Telefono Giallo

Categories: For children, Initiatives, Initiatives outside prison, Online initiatives,

Location: Italy

image00-4Bambinisenzasbarre is currently working on a cross-platform digital application for mobile phones, tablets and computers, containing data and useful information on all 195 prisons in Italy. The Yellow Telephone app (Telefono Giallo) will provide information and support, displaying, for example, the contact number to ring if the family member has questions, doubts or needs psychological support.

The app will include information on: addresses; contact details; visiting times; regulations in place; how to send parcels to the imprisoned family member and what visitors can bring, such as food, clothes and other items. The app also uses geolocalisation to explain how to access the prison.

The app’s simple graphics make it easy to use and child-friendly. Yellow Phone will be primarily used by the 100,000 children visiting parents in prison each year, their families and those who work for the Italian judicial system.

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Telefono Giallo – bambinisenzasbarre

Telefono Giallo sarà una nuova app per cellulari e fornirà le informazioni utili per entrare in tutte le carceri italiane: gli orari, quali autorizzazioni servono, cosa si può portare, quali cibi, oggetti e vestiti e in più indica come arrivarci passo passo.

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