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Virtual Prison Visits

Categories: Initiatives, Online initiatives,

Location: Germany

image00-9Treffpunkt e.V. is working on creating a program that would allow some of the visits for children to happen online. This will take some pressure off of prisons to hold visits with children, and in some cases allow children who are not comfortable visiting the prison a way to keep connected with their family member. This is not to say however, that the program would get rid of the need to have in-person visits. These visits would take place over Skype.  While the visits would not take the place of in-person visits, they would provide a way to keep children who are temporarily unable to visit their family member to stay connect, and to be able to speak with them more often.

For more information:

Treffpunkt e.V.

Fürther Str. 212

90429 Nürnberg

Tel: 09 11-27 47 69-0



The positive impact of online initiatives allowing increased contact between imprisoned parents and their children in no way decreases the importance of maintaining or creating a connection and bond in person. These initiatives should be viewed as a way to supplement in-person visits, not to take their place.