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Volunteer Accompanied Visits

Categories: Assisted visits, Initiatives, Initiatives inside prison,

Location: France

In France, Relais Enfants Parents (REP) and the Federation REP, hold visits for children of prisoners, mothers and fathers. They do so through a system of volunteers who accompany the children to the prisons. These volunteers are not prison-based and are trained before accompanying the children. This is done to give children a chance to connect with their parent with an unbiased third party in the room. For example, it provides a way for children whose parent’s are separated to connect with their imprisoned parent. They also hold special outings for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and holidays.

For more information:

la Fèderation Relais Enfants Parents

4-6 rue Charles Floquet BP 38

Montrouge 92122


Tel: 01 46 56 79 40/01 46 56 29 10