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What’s Behind the Wall

Categories: For children, Initiatives, Initiatives outside prison,

Location: Poland

The book “What’s Behind the Wall”, the initiative of Hans and Karolina Lijklema, was published by the Polish Prison Service. 5000 copies have been printed and distributed by the Polish Prison Service to all of the prisons in Poland, to the children of inmates and to different prison libraries. A foundation distributed it to other people who would benefit from the book, including psychologists, social workers, etc.

The book itself explains the term prison in a way that is fit for children to comprehend the term in a positive way. The book is a full color illustrated hardcover book that contains a story that is friendly and more easily accessible for children.

“What’s Behind the Wall” is distributed for free to children of inmates all over Poland. It has been well received by all, including psychologists and social workers, family members of children with imprisoned parents to help explain the situations they face, and goes one step further by bringing the books to elementary schools for children that will never have a family member in prison and would otherwise not have any knowledge of the problem in order to teach empathy and understanding.