COPE Conference outcome report published

COPE annual conference and network meeting 2016 The outcome report for the Conference “Children with a parent in conflict with the law: What are their best interests? How can they be met?”, which took place on Friday 20 May 2016 at the Stara gradska vijećnica, Zagreb, Croatia, is now online. Click here to view or download the report….

Close of 7th edition of “Not my crime, still my sentence” campaign

Over the years, COPE’s campaign “Not my crime, still my sentence” has become a landmark annual event for all organisations working for the rights of children with imprisoned parents. Launched in 2010 and taken up by many supporters, the campaign is now celebrated annually in 15 countries with the aim of raising awareness about the…

Data collection and children with imprisoned parents

This week, COPE’s annual campaign “Not my crime, still my sentence” will be focusing on the importance of collecting data relating to children of prisoners. Included in Article 6 of the Italian Memorandum of Understanding and expressly stated as the subject of a Council of Europe Parliamentary resolution, data collection is an issue of key…

Information, assistance and support for children of prisoners

This week, the focus of COPE’s campaign “Not my crime, still my sentence” is the importance of providing information, assistance and support for children of imprisoned parents. Receiving appropriate and timely information about their parent’s whereabouts and well-being is of crucial importance to a child. Lack of information may lead to confusion, anxiety and fears….

Maintaining family ties: visits and other forms of contact

This week, COPE’s Not My Crime, Still My Sentence campaign will be focusing on the theme of maintaining family ties through prison visits and alternative communications. The absence of a parent can significantly change the family dynamic and can have negative effects on a child’s development. COPE wants to raise awareness about the importance of…