Mandida Gusha has a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree In Sociology.  She is currently completing postgraduate studies in Child Sensitive Social Policies – focusing on the following courses:

  • advocacy in child sensitive social policy
  • current child issues and trends
  • public finance and social budgeting
  • gender mainstreaming
  • child-rights based approach to development
  • project planning and management
  • psychosocial support
  • child-sensitive social policy and administration
  • social protection
  • research methods

Mandida is a volunteer member of Zimbabwe Prison Fellowship with special focus on children.  She is currently conducting research on children imprisoned with their mothers in Zimbabwe.  In addition, Mandida works with families of prisoners by sourcing food and clothing for the babies who live with their imprisoned mothers and is currently working on a project to open a local foundation for children who are left behind by the imprisonment of parents.

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