MT we believe in children

Morning Tears Deutschland e.V.  is an organisation working for children of imprisoned parents in China and Cambodia and currently developing projects inside Germany

Mission Statement:

Children are the hidden victims when a parent goes to prison and too often lose everything. Morning Tears gives these children their life back and aims to break the downward spiral of intergenerational incarceration via capacity building and awareness raising.


Morning Tears dreams of a world in which children rights are available to all children of convicts in every country. All people would consider it their task to create a loving and caring environment for children of prisoners in which respect and understanding dispel biases and prejudices. Governments of all nations would continuously safeguard the interests of children of convicts. In the world that Morning Tears dreams of, children of convicts would grow up with dignity.

Activities include:

  • capacity building: Morning Tears works to structurally advance childcare and the protection of children of convicts
  • residential care in model projects: the children are provided with a loving and caring home, food, clothing, education, medical as well as specialized psychological/trauma care
  • contact with their imprisoned parent(s) in prison is facilitated whenever possible
  • children are supported and guided into their early adult life and/or reunited with their parents over the course of time
  • training and policy preparation by assisting in the creation of training materials, curricula, minimum standards, standard operating procedures,etc. for staff working with vulnerable and traumatized children along the entire chain of events
  • provide training and training materials using e-learning tools
  • research – close cooperation with universities, related institutions and international forums like the United Nations in order to share knowledge and apply the information in current and future projects
  • raising awareness/advocacy

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