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The Office of the Ombudsman for Children Croatia is a parliamentary institution working on behalf of children in Croatia.

Mission Statement:

To protect, monitor and promote children’s rights and interests in an effort to make them a more significant political and social priority.

Activities include:

  • Member of the European Network of Ombudsman for Children (ENOC)
  • Member of the Children’s Rights Ombudsperson’s Network in South and Eastern Europe (CRONSEE)
  • Handles independent cases
  • Promotes research and legislation regarding children of prisoners
  • Encourages child-friendly play areas in prison visiting rooms
  • Encourages all the relevant stakeholders, including NGOs, to recognize and meet the rights of children of prisoners
  • Motivate media to deal with needs of children of prisoners protecting their privacy
  • Organizing public discussion and produce materials targeting the issue of children of prisoners


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