Membership Full Associate Affiliate
Voting rights Full voting rights Consultative vote No voting rights
Your contact data, logo and a link to your website from our website Yes Yes No
Information on events, newsletter, etc Yes Yes Yes
Promotion of work relevant to Eurochips’ mission Yes Yes Yes
Discount rates on Eurochips products and seminars, conferences Yes No No
The opportunity to help launch a European Week for Prisoners’ Children in 2010 and help draft a European Charter for Prisoners’ Children Yes Yes No
Sharing in research and development Yes Yes Yes
Exchange of ideas, practice and resources (e.g., good practice guides to setting up child-friendly play areas in prison, DVDs and other educational tools), eventually via a Eurochips chat room Yes Yes No
Exchange of ideas and practice Yes Yes Yes
The opportunity to lobby jointly at the European level on issues relevant to prisoners’ children Yes Yes No
The opportunity to plan events around Eurochips’ good practice guide, training packs, and other tools Yes No No
The opportunity to participate in the development of the network Yes No No
Possibility of receiving personalised support from an experienced full network partner (not for individuals) No Yes No

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