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Mission Statement:

Person Shaped Support’s purpose is to recognise when people are in need and find new and practical ways to help them get the most out of life.

Our values:

  • seek to understand needs and find ways to help
  • earn peoples trust and recognise potential
  • to get better at what we do
  • to be brave enough to take risks and encourage independence and choice
The organisation supports individuals, families and communities in Merseyside, Wales, Staffordshire, Yorkshire and Scotland. Our Creating Homes services support older people and people with learning difficulties.  Our Empowering Communities services provide community health and regeneration activities and support those in poor mental health. While our Strengthening Families services (like Family Impact) support families to get the most out of life.
The PSS Family Impact service works with whole families living with the consequences of problematic drug and alcohol use, imprisonment, involvement in the criminal justice system and where young people are involved in gangs.
Our experience in the field has taught us that making interventions with individuals from  families with complex needs is likely to fail unless the needs of other family members are also met. As a consequence the team has developed a whole family model of service delivery based on ideas from Family and Narrative therapy and ideas about Recovery Capital.
A Family Recovery Programme addresses unique needs of families providing tailored, solution focused interventions.
Phase 1 identifies parents treatment and rehabilitation needs while builds trusting relationships with children and wider family.
Phase 2 explores family relationships and improves family functioning; family members are encouraged to write a narrative of their lived experience. The children’s narratives enable them to identify their own issues and offer their solutions to family problems. A 10 week Family Links Nurturing course is offered to parents at this stage and children are offered a 10 week programme of issue based activities which build resilience and self-esteem.
In Phase 3 families are supported to rebuild their lives in the community and are provided with the necessary skills and support to sustain their recovery.
Some children, young people and adults take the opportunity to become Recovery Champions and go on to support other families to rebuild their lives.

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