Eurochips has officially become Children of Prisoners Europe.

We are still the same team, with the same values, mission and efforts on behalf of children with imprisoned parents across Europe.

It is now – as it has always been – our intention to create a difference in the lives of children of prisoners.

Our goals include:

  • Expanding programmes that support the child-parent relationship and help minimise disruption
  • Introducing the child’s perspective at every stage of the criminal justice process, from arrest to resettlement
  • Obtaining better, more accurate information and statistics on children with imprisoned parents
  • Fostering cross-sphere collaboration among public and private agencies involved in supporting and making decisions about children and their imprisoned parents
  • Improving the competence of professionals within the field

We strive to accomplish these goals through:

  • Providing forums for the exchange of initiatives, ideas and experience
  • Working to establish national monitoring bodies in countries across Europe
  • Organising an annual European awareness-raising campaign
  • Participating in pan-European research studies
  • Carrying out onsite missions to promote quality good practice norms
  • Developing publications, training manuals, videos and other tools
We look forward to keeping you all informed of future publications, projects and events.  If you are interested in contributing to future newsletters, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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