Treffpunkt e.V is an organisation working on behalf of children of prisoners in Germany.

Mission Statement:

Treffpunkt e.V. is a non-profit organisation working in a wide variety of different fields of resocialisation. The NGO provides socio-pedagogical assistance for delinquents, their families and their victims. Treffpunkt e.V. is also a family base which supports, fosters and accompanies young families in all respects.

The organisation was founded in 1991 to assist people affected by delinquency with a variety of professional service offers:

  • for family members of prisoners such as individual counselling sessions, support groups, online counselling, father-child-groups in prison and training professionals in dealing with these families
  • for young detainees such as coordinating and supervising young people during their court-ordered community service, offender-victim-mediating and assertiveness training
  • for adult detainees such as placing and supervising adults during their court-ordered community service and personal assertiveness or anger management training
  • for young families such as programmes to support young mothers and pregnant women i.e. in education, vocational training, nurture or legal matters.

Treffpunkt e.V. has a long-term working relationship with many governmental and non-governmental organisations providing assistance to offenders in Germany as well as being in close cooperation with the local police, courts, prisons, municipal youth welfare offices and universities.

Activities include:

  • accompany children visiting parents in prison
  • run discussion groups and workshops for parents in prison
  • accompanying children visiting their parents in prison
  • support groups and workshops for parents in prison
  • father-child-groups in prison (craft, talk, play …)
  • counselling for family members of prisoners (partners, parents, children) and sometimes for ex-convicts
  • direct and personal counselling
  • telephone counselling
  • online counselling
  • group meetings for parents of prisoners (including childcare)
  • follow-up group meetings for parents and partners after relative’s release from prison
  •  leisure time activities for partners and children of prisoners
  • special online counselling for children with a family member or an acquaintance in prison
  • training and workshops for professionals that come into direct or indirect in contact with children of prisoners

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