It’s Time to Act from EMN8 Studios on Vimeo.

In order to highlight the issues facing children of prisoners and in the hope of inspiring further policy changes throughout Europe, COPE has produced a video aimed directly at policymakers that can be used on local, national and international levels. The video sets out the scale of the problem facing children of prisoners and, using the provisions of the Italian Memorandum of Understanding as an example, highlights the kind of positive steps that can be taken to improve the lives of children of prisoners. The video notes that an estimated 2.1 million children have a parent in prison within the Council of Europe countries, a number that Ilina Taneva, Secretary to the Council of Europe’s Council for Penological Co-operation (PC-CP), equated to the population of a small country. The video also focuses on specific provisions of the Italian Memorandum such as providing support to families, introducing child-friendly visiting areas, and helping to facilitate contact between children and parents, where appropriate, through any means available.

Check out this list of significant policy changes that COPE members have helped implement across the world.

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