Benefits of joining the COPE Network include:

  • access to a European network of expertise and exchange of experiences and information
  • sharing in research and development
  • information on events related to children of prisoners as well as on new developments at the European level
  • cross-cultural promotion of your work
  • opportunity to take part in European projects and events and to lobby together for change
  • advice on searching for partners for European projects
  • Sharing of knowledge on the complex and unique needs of children of prisoners and an exchange of ideas and strategies on providing support services to address those needs
  • attendance at the Annual Network Meeting (ANM), General Assembly (GA) and conference hosted by a different member each year

What members contribute to the COPE Network:

  • Sharing of your particular approach/expertise in working with children of prisoners
  • A commitment/sharing of the Children of Prisoners Europe mission and ways of working
  • A commitment to consolidate and strengthen Children of Prisoners Europe, and raise further awareness on children with imprisoned parents at the global, European and national levels
  • Organise awareness-raising events as part of the annual European Prisoners’ Children Campaign
  • Willingness to engage in cross-European projects and information exchange
  • Opportunity to host the Annual Network Meeting (ANM), General Assembly (GA) and conference


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