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Children of Prisoners Europe launches the first issue of the European Journal of Parental Imprisonment: An evolving child rights agenda

The European Journal of Parental Imprisonment is a bi-annual publication that seeks to broaden the study of issues relevant to children affected by parental incarceration and meet a burgeoning interest in the development,  implementation and evolution of entitlements, policies and practices that promote their well-being. With a view to fostering new perspectives for children with imprisoned parents, the Journal features contributions by eminent scholars and experts in the fields of child rights, child welfare, criminal and social justice, psychology, penal affairs and other disciplines; published articles do not necessarily represent COPE’s opinions. Selected articles are editorial screened but not peer-reviewed. The editor is committed to reasoned ideological diversity and welcomes suggestions for special issues and contributions.

“As they examine how the rights of children of prisoners have evolved since the Treaty of Lisbon, the contributors to this first issue spotlight pathways to change, ways in which civil society can work together: through the development of child rights protection systems, the use of procedural safeguards, new complaints mechanisms and a strengthened jurisprudence, new avenues for child rights advocacy.” – Liz Ayre, director of Children of Prisoners Europe

Use the following links to read the various issues and translations online:

Volume 1 / 2015
An evolving child rights agenda (English)

Des perspectives en évolution pour les droits de l’enfant (Français)

I diritti dei bambini: agenda in evoluzione (Italiano)

1 Razvoj plana o pravima djece (hrvatski)

Volume 2 / 2015
Child impact assessments and sentencing (English)

Les évaluations d’impact sur l’enfant dans le processus judiciaire (Français)

Procjena utjecaja na dijete i određivanje kazne (hrvatski)

Volume 3 / 2016

Community sanctions and restorative justice (English)

La justice restaurative et les peines d’intérêt général (Français)

Misure alternative e giustizia riparativa (Italiano)

Volume 4 / 2016

Resettlement and family ties (English)

La réinsertion et les liens familiaux (Français)

Reinserimento sociale e legami familiari (Italiano)

Volume 5 / 2017

Making children count: Improving data collection for children with imprisoned parents (English)

Pour que chaque enfant compte : Améliorer la collecte de données sur les enfants de parent détenu (Français)

Weil es um die Kinder geht: Bessere Datenerhebung für Kinder inhaftierter Eltern (Deutsch)

Volume 6 / 2017

First port of call: The role of schools in supporting children with imprisoned parents (English)

Le premier refuge : Le rôle de l’école dans le soutien aux enfants de parent détenu (Français)

Die erste Anlaufstelle: Die Rolle von Schulen bei der Unterstützung von Kindern inhaftierter Eltern (Deutsch)


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Author: Children of Prisoners Europe