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Si vous souhaitez nous proposer un article pour l’une de nos newsletters régulières ou ponctuelles, merci de nous contacter par mail en utilisant l’adresse suivante : contact@networkcope.eu

Whether we’re working on special edition or quarterly newsletters, we are always looking for contributions from experts in the field who work directly – or indirectly – with children of prisoners.

If you work directly or indirectly with this vulnerable group of children and have news, events, new legislation, projects, programs, etc… that relate to the cause and would like to contribute an article, please get in touch.  We are dedicated to spreading the dialogue amongst practitioners, experts, and even individuals working in fields non-related to the judicial systems in order to help raise awareness about the topic and how to best advocate on their behalf.

Some examples of individuals with whom we’d like to begin a dialogue for change include:

  • Prison Staff
  • Police
  • Judges
  • Lawyers
  • NGO practitioners
  • Teachers
  • Criminologists
  • Families of prisoners

If you’d like to know more about contributing to the newsletters, please contact us.


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