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The Children of Prisoners Europe Network is a group of organisations and individuals working on behalf of children of prisoners across the globe.

Many of these stakeholders joined the network when we were Eurochips – some of them have been with us since the beginning of the organisation.

Each member brings a level of expertise and practical information from their own professional and cultural context to the network, resulting in a diverse range of shared knowledge regarding the various situations relating to children of prisoners across the globe.

We note that there are common threads through all cultures regarding this group of children – their feelings of separation anxiety and their vulnerability to both stigma and developmental issues.  We also take the opportunity to note the differences.

It is our intention to create a database of information from across the globe on the various ways in which these children may be helped – what works and what doesn’t via legislation, good practice in society – such as through raising awareness in the media and educational sectors – and in battling the stigma they carry.

Our members share their programmes, projects and research with one another.  They frequently update our staff on news, events and awareness-raising activities in their own contexts; which we then disseminate to the rest of the network.  In many cases, projects that work well in one country for helping children of prisoners cope with their situation also work well in other countries.

The network gives those working for the cause the opportunity to exchange ideas, collaborate on projects and work together on international research studies.

More information about the network is available on the left, including information about our current members, the membership categories and how to join the network.

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