COPE network members share the following values:

Commitment – to providing high-quality effective work for the well-being of children of prisoners and for the COPE network;

Accountability – to children affected by parental imprisonment, to each other, and to funders;

Child justice focus – working to serve children’s best interests and promote their rights;

Respect – for each individual, for equity in diversity, placing great value on cross-cultural learning and inclusiveness, exchanging ideas and knowledge about and from children of imprisoned parents among COPE network members and partners;

Openness – to innovation, to embracing change, to exploring new pathways to bettering the lives of children of prisoners, promoting understanding that they are ordinary children with unusual life experiences;

Child participation – listening to children and young people and involving them in our work*;

Cooperation – working with partners to enhance the lives of children with imprisoned parents through dialogue, participation and consensus-building;

Integrity – remaining committed to truth, honesty, responsibility, reliability and professionalism, acting in ways to enhance and protect COPE’s reputation;

Transparency – in relation to communication and working methods

Independence – from any religious or political party affiliation


*Download COPE’s Child Protection Policy.

Click here to download the COPE network values as a pdf



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